Macromedia Central to let Internet apps run on desktop
Yahoo News
- 5 hours ago
By Dennis Sellers MacCentral. Macromedia Inc. will announce on Thursday
Macromedia Central, a Mac OS X (news - web sites) compatible ...

Flash escapes the browser
- 5 hours ago
Macromedia hopes to make its Flash animation player a "first-class citizen" on
PCs with a new addition that allows the software to operate outside of a Web ...

Macromedia Takes Online Apps Off-line via Flash
(subscription) - 19 minutes ago
Macromedia Inc is preparing software for Flash-based internet applications to run
offline while also taking the company a step in the direction of digital ...

Flash without a browser
iT News
, Australia - 5 hours ago
At the Flashforward 2003 show in San Francisco on Thursday, Macromedia is expected
to unveil a new environment for running Flash applications offline as part ...


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